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What Actually Happens If You Don’t Take Off Your Makeup Before Bed?


Maintaining a healthy skincare routine often entails removing makeup before bedtime to prevent clogged pores and skin issues. However, recent research sheds light on the potential repercussions of wearing foundation during aerobic exercise, emphasizing the importance of understanding its effects on the skin.

The Study: Unraveling the Effects of Foundation Makeup

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology observed 43 healthy college students, examining the impact of foundation cream on the skin during exercise. Researchers applied foundation to one side of the face and left the other side bare, subsequently analyzing changes in skin moisture and pore size post-exercise.

Results indicated a notable increase in moisture across the entire face after exercise, with higher levels observed in the makeup-applied area. Additionally, skin pore size increased less on the makeup side compared to the bare side, while oil accumulation decreased in the makeup-applied region.

Insights from Experts: Understanding Makeup’s Effects

Corresponding author Dongsun Park, PhD, from the Korea National University of Education, highlights the significance of studying skin changes in individuals wearing makeup during exercise. Heavy makeup, like cream foundation, may exacerbate skin issues such as clogged pores due to sweat accumulation, suggesting the importance of opting for lighter or oil-free products to maintain skin health.

Dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp emphasizes the potential adverse effects of makeup during exercise, including pore-clogging and increased dryness. The combination of makeup, oil, and sweat can contribute to acne formation and skin irritation, underscoring the necessity of cleansing post-workout to remove excess oil, sweat, and bacteria.

Foundation Alternatives: Nurturing Your Skin While Exercising

For individuals hesitant to forgo makeup during workouts, Dr. Camp recommends alternatives like BB (beauty balm) or CC (color-correcting) creams. These products offer coverage while being formulated to be non-comedogenic, reducing the risk of pore blockage and skin irritation.

After exercising, thorough cleansing is essential to eliminate sweat, oil, and product residue that may exacerbate acne or folliculitis. Additionally, protecting your skin from the sun with SPF 30 or higher, sunglasses, and hats is crucial, especially when exercising outdoors. Staying hydrated by drinking water helps maintain skin hydration and overall bodily water balance.

Wearing foundation during exercise poses potential risks to skin health, including pore blockage and acne formation. Opting for lighter makeup alternatives and adhering to post-workout skincare practices can help preserve skin health and vitality. By prioritizing skin wellness, individuals can enjoy the benefits of exercise without compromising their skin’s integrity.

Do you sometimes forget to take off your makeup before bed? Does this article have you concerned? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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