Weight loss doesn’t come easy. It can be a hard fought, frustrating battle.

If you have a large amount of weight to lose, you may feel defeated from the start.

When you feel like your results aren’t matching the level of effort you’re putting forth, you can easily get discouraged. 

If you’ve been there, or currently are there…don’t quit! 

What if something as simple as oil from the seeds of a plant could boost your weight loss efforts, both lowering your body mass index and shrinking your waistline? 

Nature has been healing wounds, treating diseases, and providing therapeutics for centuries. 

It’s plentiful benefits are there before we even discover them.

And, since those benefits were discovered with black seed oil…study after study has only concluded one thing: it’s a weight loss wonder! 

What Is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, which generally is grown in the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Southwest Asia. 

You may have heard of this spicy oil in its seed form by the name of black seed, black cumin, fennel flower, or even Roman coriander. 

Black seed oil has long been used for its health benefits, including its uses for skin and hair care, asthma treatment, digestive disorders, even cancer and diabetes treatment.

It is high in antioxidants which powerfully aid your body by protecting against cellular damage from free radicals. 

Possibly its most notable benefits though surround weight loss. 

Research Shows Black Seed Oil Is Effective For Weight Loss

Black seed oil has gained interest due to multiple research findings concluding its success in promoting a decrease in body mass index (BMI) amongst those using the oil.

Also noteworthy, none of these studies have resulted in negative side effects from using black seed oil.

  • One study involved a group of 90 obsese women. In conjunction with a low calorie diet, the women were given black seed oil or a placebo. 

    At the end of the study, significant weight loss amounts and reductions in waist circumference were measured in those women who were given the black seed oil as opposed to those who were only given the placebo.

  • At least eleven other studies involving more than 780 individuals all arrived at the same results, not just a reduction in body mass index, but a significant reduction in both body mass and waist circumference when taking black seed oil along with a healthy diet and regular exercise! 
  • A review of 13 studies involving the use of black seed oil vs a placebo in 875 participants, 64% of which were males, found that in time frames ranging between 6 and 13 weeks, those using the oil saw a 4 pound reduction in body weight.
  • A 2013 review of a study of plants with anti-obesity properties found black seed oil to be one of the most effective natural remedies available. 

How Is Black Seed Oil Effective For Weight Loss?

This natural oil’s touted benefits for weight loss are thought to result from its ability to help in controlling the body’s production of insulin and management of insulin levels. 

Low insulin and low blood glucose levels stimulate hunger. 

Black seed oil has been shown to properly control glucose, thus reducing cravings and aiding in weight loss. 

Black seed oil is very high in antioxidants, which are a powerful tool in the body’s fight against inflammation.

Antioxidants both prevent and lessen damage that occurs to the cells within your body by free radicals. The damage caused by free radicals leads to (chronic) inflammation.

Chronic inflammation causes leptin resistance, which interferes with your brain’s ability to signal when you’ve had enough to eat. 

The relationship between obesity and chronic inflammation is so interconnected that they can each be considered as a contributing factor to the other. 

The antioxidant properties of thymoquinone, which is prevalent in black seed oil, has been linked to lowering inflammation within the body.

Increased Metabolism
A high metabolism equates to burning more calories both during activity and when you are at rest. 

Higher metabolism can boost your energy levels making workouts more effective thus promoting better fat burn and leading to weight loss. 

Black seed oil has been shown to not only increase metabolism, but its inflammation reducing qualities also come into play here too. 

Chronic inflammation disrupts hormones that regulate metabolism, so as black seed oil reduces inflammation, it also keeps your metabolism in check. 


Black seed oil has been proven through numerous studies as an effective, natural way to aid in weight loss through:

  • Insulin regulation to reduce cravings
  • Inflammation reduction to facilitate appropriate responses to hunger 
  • Increased metabolism aiding in boosted calorie burn

Studies reveal that black seed oil, when used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, is highly effective at reducing body weight and can be linked to a reduction in waist circumference.

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