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CRAZY: Texas Man Stabbed Over Leg Press Dispute


The incident at an LA Fitness gym in Austin, Texas, took a violent turn when a dispute over a workout machine allegedly led to a stabbing. According to reports, a 69-year-old man, John David Makinson, was arrested after allegedly stabbing another gymgoer in the buttocks.

The altercation reportedly began over the use of a leg press machine, highlighting the frustration and impatience that can arise in crowded gym environments. The victim stated that Makinson became confrontational when approached about his use of the machine, insisting that the victim find another machine to use.

The situation escalated further when Makinson allegedly accosted the victim as he was leaving the men’s locker room, hurling obscenities and demanding to know the victim’s whereabouts. Without warning, Makinson allegedly attacked the victim, stabbing him in the left buttocks with a folding knife.

The victim recounted feeling blood running down his leg as Makinson pursued him, attempting to stab him multiple times. Fortunately, the victim was able to escape and seek refuge at the manager’s desk, where fellow gymgoers came to his aid.

Makinson’s behavior reportedly continued even after the attack, as he allegedly shouted threats and challenged others in the gym before a bystander intervened to de-escalate the situation.

Upon his arrest, Makinson reportedly told officers about his prior criminal history, indicating a previous arrest for aggravated assault in 2021. He is currently being held in the Travis County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

The severity of the victim’s injuries necessitated a blood transfusion due to the deep stab wound, highlighting the gravity of the incident and the potential consequences of gym-related altercations.

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