A Transformative Journey: From Dream Vacation to Healthy Lifestyle
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A Transformative Journey: From Dream Vacation to Healthy Lifestyle


Ashley Evans and Brendan Roche, both 34, embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey that saw them shed a combined 120 pounds, driven by their dream vacation to Maui. The couple appeared on Today to share their inspiring story, emphasizing the pivotal role a simple grocery store hack played in their success.

The pandemic took a toll on the couple’s health as they succumbed to sedentary habits and indulged in unhealthy eating. Roche explained that post-pandemic, they, like many other locked-down Americans were moving less and eating more – ordering in, but never leaving the house. The turning point came when Roche won a romantic retreat to Hawaii, compelling them to confront their lifestyle choices.

Upon realizing they were far from the shape they desired for a beach vacation, the couple decided to transform their lives. Evans, who has type 1 diabetes, admitted that excitement about the trip soon gave way to embarrassment at how they looked. 

The couple took charge of their health, with Evans shedding 70 pounds and Roche losing 50 pounds since the inception of their weight loss journey. They attributed their success to a combination of dietary changes and adopting an exercise routine. The couple emphasized the basics of healthy living and let the effects of that snowball over time. 

A simple yet effective grocery store hack became a cornerstone of their healthier lifestyle. Evans noticed that the healthiest items were on the outskirts of the supermarket, while the less healthy choices were in the core. So they concentrated their shopping on the outside. This strategic approach helped them make better food choices and maintain a nutritious diet.

The couple made significant changes to their diet, eliminating processed foods and alcohol. Their at-home meals comprised veggies, lean meats, and nuts, replacing unhealthy snacks with salads and smoothies. Evans, an advocate for homemade meals, transformed their favorite dishes, like Philly cheesesteaks, into healthier alternatives.

Weight loss wasn’t solely about dietary changes; the couple incorporated exercise into their routine. Joining a gym and engaging in activities like cardio and weight lifting propelled them to the next level of their fitness journey.

The results were not just visible on the scale but also in their overall health. Evans saw improvements in her diabetes management, needing only half the insulin she once used. Roche, now brimming with energy, expressed relief that he regained a passion for life in general through the reclaiming of his physical health.

The couple offered practical tips for those embarking on a similar journey: implement small consistent changes, celebrate with a supportive partner, opt for healthy grocery choices, and track progress for sustained motivation.

In essence, what began as a pursuit of confidence for a dream vacation turned into a life-changing decision for Evans and Roche, exemplifying the transformative power of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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